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Iris – “I don’t like pretty, most of the world is not with me but i don’t care”

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the bipolar weather.  Last week i saw the documentary “IRIS”, and was encouraged by this “geriatric starlets” views on the importance of fashion and art. The director, Albert Maysles – who revolutionised documentary filmmaking with “Grey Gardens” (1975), offers […]


Liquor Dreams – VIDEO

Hey guys i hope your all well? I recently worked on a video project in conjunction with YPTC (RAaw Film) and Filmdock Productions . I really wanted to explore the initial aspects of social and cultural drinking within young adults. I remember when i first started abusing my livers […]

Celebrity Vs Artist

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the Easter holidays!!!! This week i was inspired by Janelle Monae’s interview on the Breakfast Club. If any of you have watched a Breakfast Club interview before, their questions can be quite personal and revealing, but i was in […]

Yo My N*&&@ !!!!

Ok so i bought Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” last night and i really enjoyed it. I felt like i was witnessing some kind of Salvadore Dali representation of Compton, California. The cathartic album is a reflection of the psychotic Hip Hop lifestyle that many people aspire […]