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BENCHED EP 2: Jody Nolan

ThePalaceOfTheDogs presents the second episode of Benched. Where TPOTD:Collective member Nadine Woodley talks to poet Jody Nolan about how his autism and upbringing has influenced his work.

Vanessa Fisher: Trip Home

I opened my facebook app to dozens of posts from friends sympathising with me – another tragedy in Sierra Leone (Salone). A mudslide had wiped out hundreds of homes and thousands of people. I felt sadness, guilt, worry and yet immense pride as I watched endless clips of […]


Back from the bittersweet journey of self discovery, Natalie May endeavours to serve her own lemonade. Her sweet melodic sound and gentle-womanly attire champions a timeless Black British voice. This Burnt Oak crooner delved into the dark labyrinth of her mind to excavate the hidden coals she could harvest […]