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Daniel, Vanessa, Kieran & Nadine ThePalaceOfTheDogs advocates art to marginalised and under-privileged communities. Redirecting the purpose of art within our society to guide conversations that will empower the voiceless. 


Check out Mary Sho's new single Ova. ThePalaceOfTheDogs interviewed Mary this month on her inspiration for the debut album and the visual content for her album. Peep the chat below


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My Vision Of Britain

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | July 15, 2016

Britain. Is it me or does anyone else feel a dispirited bitter lull after the referendum? I travelled on the tube yesterday on a wet day, a low hum of Brexit-talk, newspapers with the word broad across it, when a business woman, olive skinned, dark haired, a singing […]

INTERVIEW: The Floating Generation

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | May 31, 2016

The mid-march evening stood grey and chilly, the raucousness of Ridley road market had vacated; leaving remnants of raw fish, meat, fruit and veg, and skeletons of stalls which were bodied with fabrics and garb. Rusty shutters ,guarding African treasures, lined the street, leaving its occupants dancing ,Special […]

Writer’s Block

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | February 18, 2016

Hey guys!!! I hope your all well, its been a while since I’ve written anything. Well over 6 months actually. I’ve found it really hard to focus, but “thank you Jesus” I’m inspired. Confusion. My endeavours to keep on writing and to follow through on my ideas had […]


By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | September 8, 2015

Hey guys it feels like forever, but the video is finally done. Im very excited to present to you DISCOVERING NATURAL !!!! With the growing number of Black Girls growing, wearing and experiencing their natural tresses; here’s a short video about what it means to have natural hair. […]

Iris – “I don’t like pretty, most of the world is not with me but i don’t care”

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | August 16, 2015

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the bipolar weather.  Last week i saw the documentary “IRIS”, and was encouraged by this “geriatric starlets” views on the importance of fashion and art. The director, Albert Maysles – who revolutionised documentary filmmaking with “Grey Gardens” (1975), offers […]


By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | June 22, 2015

Hey guys, hope your all is well!!! I am working on a new mini documentary, where i address women discovering and exploring their natural hair. Thank you so much to those who’ve participated already. And if you wish to participate, send me a message. The video is set […]


By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | May 29, 2015

Do You really like the shit you like or do you like the way they gave it to you?

Liquor Dreams – VIDEO

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | April 18, 2015

Hey guys i hope your all well? I recently worked on a video project in conjunction with YPTC (RAaw Film) and Filmdock Productions . I really wanted to explore the initial aspects of social and cultural drinking within young adults. I remember when i first started abusing my livers […]

Celebrity Vs Artist

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | April 3, 2015

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the Easter holidays!!!! This week i was inspired by Janelle Monae’s interview on the Breakfast Club. If any of you have watched a Breakfast Club interview before, their questions can be quite personal and revealing, but i was in […]

Yo My N*&&@ !!!!

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | March 24, 2015

Ok so i bought Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” last night and i really enjoyed it. I felt like i was witnessing some kind of Salvadore Dali representation of Compton, California. The cathartic album is a reflection of the psychotic Hip Hop lifestyle that many people aspire […]