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Daniel, Vanessa, Kieran & Nadine ThePalaceOfTheDogs advocates art to marginalised and under-privileged communities. Redirecting the purpose of art within our society to guide conversations that will empower the voiceless. 


Check out Mary Sho's new single Ova. ThePalaceOfTheDogs interviewed Mary this month on her inspiration for the debut album and the visual content for her album. Peep the chat below


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By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | April 22, 2017

Check Out My Interview with Singer/Songwriter Miggy Deal Rosa. With exclusive Video and Photos

Late at Tate Britain: Stand Firm

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | April 10, 2017

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Anais Nin” The Tate Britain; home of British art from the 1500’s to the present day. With its vast collection of Britains aristocracy laced […]

Couch Series: CHARLES

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | March 3, 2017

Charles, raised on the groove of Prince and smooth tone’s of Luther Vandross; uses these influences to inspire his music. The songwriter, born in Stevenage, explored Musical Theatre before finding his voice in music. His effort to express himself has birthed a unique sound, presenting his deep vocals as a current for his 70’s style funk to ride. Paired with his modelesque stature and youthful nature, his lyrics exposed arouses feelings of timelessness. Here’s what happened when we met.

Book Review: Widow Basquiat, by Jennifer Clement.

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | February 13, 2017

“Widow Basqiuat was a morbid nickname, given to me by Rene Ricard, many years before Jean-Michel Died”-Suzanne Mallouk How many times have you heard a celebrities dirty laundry screeched from a bitter ex or estranged spouse, with the dark secrets of their tumultuous relationship hollered through a tacky […]

Travel Diaries : Paris

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | January 3, 2017

Check out my new blog on my recent trip to Paris!!!

The Vision: 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 21, 2016

“Art is a nation’s most precious heritage. For it’s in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as a nation and where there is no vision, the people perish”- Lyndon Johnson.

Travel Diaries: BERLIN

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 19, 2016

The Travel Diaries: BERLIN –
Sleepy. Eery. Still. Follow my journey through the artistic hub of Europe.

Interview: The Floating Generation Part ii

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | September 27, 2016

  9th of July 1981 : Dalston Riot. The pink and orange wash of a late summers day hung in the sky. The town, largely populated by a community from the commonwealth, roasts under poor housing and high unemployment. Fumes, that wheeze out from the route master’s exhaust, […]

My Vision Of Britain

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | July 15, 2016

Britain. Is it me or does anyone else feel a dispirited bitter lull after the referendum? I travelled on the tube yesterday on a wet day, a low hum of Brexit-talk, newspapers with the word broad across it, when a business woman, olive skinned, dark haired, a singing […]

INTERVIEW: The Floating Generation

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | May 31, 2016

The mid-march evening stood grey and chilly, the raucousness of Ridley road market had vacated; leaving remnants of raw fish, meat, fruit and veg, and skeletons of stalls which were bodied with fabrics and garb. Rusty shutters ,guarding African treasures, lined the street, leaving its occupants dancing ,Special […]

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