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Daniel, Vanessa, Kieran & Nadine ThePalaceOfTheDogs advocates art to marginalised and under-privileged communities. Redirecting the purpose of art within our society to guide conversations that will empower the voiceless. 


Check out Mary Sho's new single Ova. ThePalaceOfTheDogs interviewed Mary this month on her inspiration for the debut album and the visual content for her album. Peep the chat below


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POET IN THE KENNEL: Colourism by Chia Phoenix

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | June 7, 2019

POET IN THE KENNEL: Colourism by Chia Phoenix


By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | May 31, 2019

Check out our new video on the importance of black love and education of self in collaboration with Afro Hair and Beauty Live. Continuing the conversation around black businesses and how we can liberate ourselves from Eurocentric beauty standards. CANTU & As I Am product giveaway – Click here for competition details.

BUSKIN’: ZION B (Interview)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | May 24, 2019

After steppin’ in the industry with his debut single ‘Stepped In’ in 2018, Zion B continues to set the bar for a new and positive narrative within his genre. As the 17 year old, south Londoners  career goes from strength to strength, we caught up with him on […]

SPOTLIGHT: EP1 Hub&Culture

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | March 29, 2019

Spotlight is a segment dedicated to promoting creative businesses and collectives, founded by People Of Colour, as a resource for young aspiring artists. Our first interview is with Nana Evans of Hub&Culture. Hub&Culture, housing clothing designers from the Black Diaspora.

COUCH SERIES: Grace Acladna

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | February 15, 2019

‘Don’t give a crap about what anybody thinks, trust yourself and your perspective as an artist.’ – Grace Acladna.

Check out our interview with the singer/songwriter/producer ahead of the release of her new EP Phonophobia.

INDUSTRY MINDS: Daniel Bailey (Podcast)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | February 1, 2019

Daniel Bailey speaks with Industry Minds about how the same issues that outrage us in our society and politics, are also reflected in the arts industry. Detailing how this structure can affect the mental health of BAME actors and how artistic representation can steer a narrative for marginalised communities.

VIDEO: Natalie May – Play My Game (acoustic)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | January 30, 2019

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Natalie May’s acoustic version of her new single ‘Play My Game’. Visual by @JustBailey for @ThePalaceOfTheDogs.

EP.3 – Generation Expat

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 19, 2018

In this Episode of Generation Expat we speak to the Panel about being black under the white gaze. Maisey Bawden tells of her experience of being mixed race and her identity crisis caused by casting directors telling her she isn’t black enough; While the rest of the panel […]

EP.2: GENERATION EXPAT – (Black Theatre Talks)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 12, 2018

After the feedback that I’ve received from my peers, regarding the Ep.1; Many have expressed their disappointment at the lack of response from our white counterparts in the industry. There was an expectation that this would open a forum and expose our conversations candidly, giving education and insight […]

EP.1: GENERATION EXPAT – (Black Theatre Talks)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 4, 2018

With our first event, ‘Generation Expat’, we endeavoured to highlight and connect inter-generationally the experience of black theatre in Britain, by mediating a conversation between black/dual heritage artists in the industry. In todays episode we speak with Sharon D Clarke, Gloria Onitiri and Cedric Neal about the progression […]