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Daniel, Vanessa, Kieran & Nadine ThePalaceOfTheDogs advocates art to marginalised and under-privileged communities. Redirecting the purpose of art within our society to guide conversations that will empower the voiceless. 


Check out Mary Sho's new single Ova. ThePalaceOfTheDogs interviewed Mary this month on her inspiration for the debut album and the visual content for her album. Peep the chat below


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By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | October 18, 2019

The theatre, praised for its forward thought and openness to explore taboo topics, assemble into a lynch mob spouting abuse to anyone with opposing thought and christianity seems to be their latest target. We speak with Olivier award nominee, Rachel John, delving into her career in theatre and how […]


By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | September 28, 2019

Fresh from the release of her single, Black girls, we were delighted to meet with south London songstress and writer of the black girl anthem, Mary Sho. The multi-faceted artist shared with us how she combines fashion and art to amplify the message in her music, whilst contending […]

Poet in The Kennel: The Eulogy

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | August 23, 2019

After the death of Toni Morrison and attending, dance legend, Thea Nerissa Barnes’ memorial. I begun to reflect on the power of writing; how these words live on past you and later become your eulogy. Almost stronger than memory. I begun to ask myself what would my eulogy […]

Tribute: Thea Barnes – Goddess of Dance

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | August 16, 2019

This week dance and theatre world celebrated the life and career of Thea Nerissa Barnes with a tribute show of performance and readings from her published essays on dance research; Introducing a legacy fund created to continues Thea’s support of dancers, choreographers and researchers. Needless to say Thea […]

BARKING: Interview with CYRS

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | August 9, 2019

Check out ThePalaceOfTheDogs interview with Producer/Artist CYRS. We find out how he found his sound in the German music scene. For the full interview go

BARKING: Mental Health & BAME Artists

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | August 2, 2019

ThePalaceOfTheDogs is back with another episode of Barking. In this episode we tackle Mental health in the arts industry and the visibility of ethnic minorities within the awareness conversation, despite their vulnerability. We spoke with Raffaella Covino, founder of Applause For Thought, an organisation that targets mental health […]

POET IN THE KENNEL: Young King by Jess Mally

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | July 26, 2019

Check out our new episode of Poet in the Kennel featuring writer and activist Jess Mally, Young King. Something that is observed within the black community, is the pillar of support Black women are and the protection they’ve provided for Black men. So while this poem is dedicated […]

Get Up Stand Up Now:A language that is exclusively and universally black.

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | July 19, 2019

This exhibition left me truly challenged by the deep trauma that slavery and colonisation has had on black people. Whilst rejoicing in the fact that we continue to thrive and prosper in a hostile environment that tries to displace and erase us.

BOOKSLAM: TOP 3 Summer Reads

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | June 21, 2019

Top 3 summer reads selected by James Glover @Panobooks for @ThePalaceOfTheDogs. 392 by Ashley Hickson-Lovence, Friday Black by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah & Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

BARKING: Activism vs Twitter Warrior (Podcast)

By ThePalaceOfTheDogs | June 14, 2019

Check out ThePalaceofTheDogs First Podcast BARKING. Discussing politics surrounding the Arts & Theatre. Working to align art to its correct position within our society; a precursor of progressiveness and a forum to connect unique narratives.Off the back of a resurfacing of a post involving an actress in The Colour […]