ThePowerOfThePen by Elander Moore

Whilst on instagram yesterday I came across this piece written by Elander Moore, using his art to inspire his peers to rally together and vote well in the UK’s coming election. This morning with the votes tallied, a cloud of disappointment clouds our minds as the tories hold political standing over the UK and a resounding cry flies from the mouths of those who voted against them. I spoke to Elander this morning about his piece and how it fairs with the results and he replied:

“Though our heads and hearts may be weary on this Friday the 13th morning.The fight for truth, hope and humanity goes on and we owe it to those who came before us and those yet to come to fight. We must stand up for what we believe in, with every fibre of our being!”

Here is Power Of The Pen by Elander Moore:



By Elander Moore

Insta: @elandermoore

Foreward by Daniel Bailey

Insta: @justbailey



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