BARKING: Mental Health & BAME Artists

ThePalaceOfTheDogs is back with another episode of Barking. In this episode we tackle Mental health in the arts industry and the visibility of ethnic minorities within the awareness conversation, despite their vulnerability. We spoke with Raffaella Covino, founder of Applause For Thought, an organisation that targets mental health awareness to those who work in theatre. While musical theatre performer, Eddie Elliott, shared his experience with mental health as a black artist. Join in the conversation and help create mental health awareness for BAME artists and communities.

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Different ethnic groups have different rates and experiences of mental health problems, reflecting their different cultural and socio-economic contexts and access to culturally appropriate treatments.

In general, people from black and minority ethnic groups living in the UK are:

  • more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems
  • more likely to be diagnosed and admitted to hospital
  • more likely to experience a poor outcome from treatment
  • more likely to disengage from mainstream mental health services, leading to social exclusion and a deterioration in their mental health.

These differences may be explained by a number of factors, including poverty and racism. They may also be because mainstream mental health services often fail to understand or provide services that are acceptable and accessible to non-white British communities and meet their particular cultural and other needs.

It is likely that mental health problems go unreported and untreated because people in some ethnic minority groups are reluctant to engage with mainstream health services. It is also likely that mental health problems are over-diagnosed in people whose first language is not English.


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