POETRY: Midnight Insight by Jody Nolan


After interviewing Poet and Spoken Word Artist,  Jody Nolan.  We got the chance to film his new piece, Midnight Insight; a exploration of being working class living in West London, where he can see Grenfell tower from his window and the affluent who live around it. A articulate and ‘Insightful’ comment on British Society and Politics.

Check out our interview with Jody, featuring TPOTD:Collective member Nadine Woodley. Where we get chance to speak to him about his battle with Aspergers and Autism, and how he has found freedom through poetry. LINK BELOW.

BENCHED EP 2: Jody Nolan

33778_448081482450_7823361_nVideo by Daniel Bailey

Words by Daniel Bailey

instagram @justbailey

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