POSTCODE PICS: E13 (UPTON PARK) – Samuel Nicholas



“Is chatting shit a way of life these days?” –  Posted December 23rd, 2011


“2017…… it’s been real! So many memories made and lessons learned and I want to thank those who have been apart of it! The biggest loss I had this year was loosing my dad but I know your resting perfectly in peace watching over me, I love you ❤️… wishing everyone nothing but success and happiness in 2018! Now go turn the fuck up bitch!!!” –  Posted December 31st, 2017




“Some people aren’t loyal to you… they’re loyal to they’re need of you… once their needs change, so does their loyalty” – Posted October 12th, 2015





“Im trying to save money, so stop asking me to come out because Ima say YEAH!!!” – Posted July 26th 2017




33778_448081482450_7823361_nInstagram :  @sb_nich

Photography by Daniel Bailey

Location :  Upton Park





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