“When Bravery Meets Trust, Creativity Is Born And Friendship Can Flourish” –

Vanessa Fisher

“Stop going to clubs, buying into magazines and buying brands that do not support or respect the culture authentically.” Posted November 10th @ 10:36



“Thick Rihanna looks amazinggg😍 but I think as a society, we have to be cautious about using phrases like “she looks womanly”. It gives the notion that curves equate to femininity. So where does that leave slim women? Are they masculine? And what if you’re thick everywhere and your body don’t match this unrealistic trend of big breasts, tiny waist and thick thighs? Two of my closest female friends are very slim and have to deal with comments such as “put some meat on your bones” or “you look ill” on a daily occurance. ‘Skinny shaming’ can have the same effect on the psyche as ‘fat shaming’. There is no one prototype for a woman’s body, leave us alone.” – Posted November 9th @ 11am



“Perhaps a little controversial (though it shouldn’t be). If you’re not a Black person – I don’t want to hear you say the word “Nigger”. Whether in story telling, in a rap lyric etc. It’s a word thats drenched in centuries of blood, pain, severe racism and abuse. To use it shows your lack of care towards the word and the strength it still holds and to perpetuate the same boring excuse of “Well black people use it” is both extremely ignorant and irrelevant. Black people should think back to the conditions in which their ancestors lived through while that word was used against them and non-Black people should feel the shame attached to the word and it should sicken us all to use it. So ridiculous to be having this conversations in 2017. Why are we constantly going backwards?” – Posted November 7th @ 4:54pm



I realise that I’m the one that started it by abbreviating my name to “Vee”, but noone in my life actually calls me by my name anymore lol.. Changing it back! (cue the sarcastic, over exaggerated “hi V A N E S S A” 🙄😂) – Posted October 20th @ 1:53pm




Instagram: @vanessajayfisher

Photography By Daniel Bailey

Location: Wimbledon





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