Iris – “I don’t like pretty, most of the world is not with me but i don’t care”

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the bipolar weather.  Last week i saw the documentary “IRIS”, and was encouraged by this “geriatric starlets” views on the importance of fashion and art. The director, Albert Maysles – who revolutionised documentary filmmaking with “Grey Gardens” (1975), offers his penultimate prize. Showcasing the New York fashion Icon, Iris Apfel. The 93 year old reveals her mountains of costume jewellery, corridors of garments and reels of fabric for artistic appreciation. Affirming the contribution art has in politics and the freedom of self-expression in fashion. An advocate for detailed and inciting design. A true pioneer of art. Albert Maysles passed away in March, aged 88.

Check out the trailer and don’t miss out:

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