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ThePalaceOfTheDogs advocates art to marginalised and under-privileged communities. Redirecting the purpose of art within our society to guide conversations that will empower the voiceless. 

We do this by practicing arts activism and supporting creatives that use their craft as a vessel for their activist views; to increase progressive conversation around identity, politics and social issues. We endeavour to be a creative resource for the youth, to both inspire and empower them, challenging the narrative that has been placed upon the inner city youth.

Founder & Editor

Daniel 'Kwabena-James' Bailey

Daniel 'Kwabena' James Bailey is the founder of The Palace of The Dogs. Currently exploring Film Making, Playwriting, photography, Journalism and Creative Writing – he makes his living as a Performer in Theatre.

Originally from Hackney, London; The 'Arts Activist' cares deeply for the issues concerning those whose voices are silenced within British society. He endeavours to advocate the need for those affected by racism and classism to have access to an artistic platform, as a means to express themselves in a safe and healthy environment.




Vanessa Fisher

Activist Using the power of art to dismantle the system and using her influence to inspire and provide opportunities to young people of colour. Introverted spiritualist, music lover, yoga and meditation enthusiast. Somewhere around the millennial age bracket. Gender female.


Kieran Mcginn

Creative Artist. Working to dismantle the current and longstanding narrative to give any group other than the standard societal ‘norm’ the chance to thrive and feel represented.

Oil Painter/ Writer/ Actor/ Coffee Lover. Age: Irrelevant Gender: Irrelevant Height: 6’2 Political or Nothing


Chia Phoenix

Creative. Lover. Activist. Raising the vibe of love and creativity in the community, empowering the next generation to understand their gifts, their voice and the power of emotional intelligence through creative outlets. Strings to her bow include playwrite, director, actress, healer, dancer, spoken word and creative life skill facilitator. Older than you think, younger than you feel. An angel from the universe.


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We are always looking to collaborate with new artists, writers, creatives and activists. If you have some content you'd like us to feature, events, comments or topics you'd think we'd be interested in, contact us below.

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